Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Fibonacci spiral art by Jaz

This is Fibonacci. 
We learned that the spiral is a number pattern. This is my spiral

Thursday, 30 August 2018

buddy class

Today we went to our new buddy class for 2018. We did some reading with room 10. What fantastic readers they are!

what am I?

In room 25 we have been learning the groups of animals of deterrent spies and we been learning about vertebrates and invertebrate  and animals that dont have back bones and animal that do have back bones and bones. 

what am I

the farm garden by Jaz


Cook island language week

On cook island language week we did cook island dances with necklaces and we made cook island flowers with  coloured paper then we made cook island shapes.                                   

visit from the Warriors

Today we had Ken and Jazz come to an assembly. They talked to us about hydration,sleep and belonging. It was fun because I won a wristband and got my t-shirt signed by Ken and Jazz.It was so fun they showed as a video about the warriors playing rugby.                     

My Learning Journal - Term 3